Business needs addressable by ARIS

Human operators must manually respond to repetitive similar queries.

Classification of all messages helps to keep all customer queries organized and increases productivity.

Different business domains require different knowledge and skills.

AI learns any domain based on the proveded data. People can focus on their field of expertise.

All businesses receive big number of messages from different sources.

AI analyses the message content and suggests an answer. That makes the process more efficient.

Automatically categorize the vast majority of incoming messages

Automatically generate ready-to-send answers for categorized messages​

Ready-to-send with manually-added information​

Require an individual approach​

Main features

Pre-process raw data

All the platform needs are raw historical messages. We normalize, standardize the messages and use clustering techniques to discover message categories.​

Adapt to specific business needs

We train and evaluate the NLP model and entity extraction module so that it is tailored to the client's needs.

Integrate with client systems

Suggest the most relevant responses, automatically propagate changes to client's systems.

On-premise or cloud options

Deploy the model on your premises or in the cloud, so you can start using it in production.

Continuous improvement

Learn continuously using feedback from the field.

Start using ARIS in four easy steps:

Let ARIS learn your domain based on historical messages and recognize different categories.
Predefine answer templates and actions to be taken for each category.
Bring your customer service team onboard to their new, intelligent inbox.
Start using ARIS for your daily business. The more you use it the better it gets!

Plug-in ARIS into Your Existing Environment​

ARIS is powered by a wide-variety of state-of-the-art open source as well as proprietary NLP tools to provide a high-speed, high-accuracy classification and answering machine. Given our exceptional understanding of the concepts behind the used technologies, we „use the right tool the right way“, develop our own NLP models, and tailor the solution to a specific business domain.

  • ARIS can accomodate to your current environment setup
  • Messaging systems: email, messengers such as Facebook messenger, Skype, etc., custom messaging system with defined API
  • Data storage: SQL/noSQL DBs, API-enabled CRM systems
  • Executing actions of 3rd party systems via their API
  • Case study:

    A European-based peer-to-peer lending platform provider deployed ARIS into their customer service operations. ARIS was able to categorize correctly more that 80% of the messages from day one and provide ready-to-send answers for 75% of those.

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